Payroll Budget and Variance Reporting

Your Challenge...

Most CFOs develop their budgets using spreadsheets. Unfortunately, they don’t have a way to quickly see where they stand throughout the year which makes tracking unmanageable. The spreadsheets we see are complicated and built with separate tabs for different employer taxes using formulas created to calculate those taxes. We consistently hear from CFOs who say they want the ability to have a connection between their budget items and the actual amount. When their budgets are in a spreadsheet and their payroll data is somewhere else, it is impossible to see the variances!


Insight e-Tools turns spreadsheets into a reportable database that includes payroll so you can quickly see trends and variances. By importing your budget and automatically consolidating it with your ADP payroll data you instantly see actual salary costs and overhead and how it is distributed. You can easily spot variances at the employee, department, job, and company level . And, you can see prior year variances as well as current year variances.
NOW you can easily import your payroll budget and automatically compare actuals!