Data Consolidation


Transform Data Into One Consistent Format

Organizations that have grown through mergers and acquisitions, are operating in the U.S. and Canada, and/or have separate installations of ADP have difficulty creating and maintaining company-wide payroll reports. Usually, intensive manual efforts are required to bring all the data into a consistent format for reporting purposes. Not only is the process of consolidating the data very time consuming, it is unfortunately quite error-prone.


Insight e-Tools data consolidation solution imports the data from disparate payroll installations and formats the data for consistent output. Regardless of the ADP payroll platform, its location, and varying pay frequencies, Insight e-Tools gathers and untangles the data and automatically formats it according to the requested report rules.


Companies receive instant return of investment as they save days of manual data entry and potentially thousands of dollars in reduced data entry errors. Additionally, third party administrators no longer have to charge for consolidating or correcting the data you’ve sent them. A very complex data consolidation process becomes simple with Insight e-Tools.

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