About Insight e-Tools

Insight e-Tools was developed in 1997 to provide industry solutions that allow businesses to gain immediate insight from their payroll and HR data. As a Preferred Reporting Partner to ADP, Insight e-Tools is a hosted, web-based data access and automatic report generating system that extended the functionality of ADP PC Payroll and Pay expert reporting for niche vertical solutions. That service offering has been extended to support ADP WorkforceNow. Thousands of companies across North America are using Insight e-Tools to generate instant customized reports and replace paper payroll reports with online distribution of data. Insight e-Tools imports data from multiple sources through a data exchange file directly from ADP. Then Insight e-Tools consolidates and cleans the raw data to create whatever customized output is required.



Our Distinctions

Where most companies see problems, we see opportunities. When most companies turn the page, we turn the book and look at it from a new angle. You won’t catch us waving the white flag because we believe solutions exist – and if we can’t find them, we’ll create them!


We believe that superior ideas stem from uninhibited thinking, and superior solutions are created in supportive environments. We constantly encourage and challenge our employees and our partners to think and collaborate in unique ways.


Our Motivations

For us, “average” is unacceptable. Our goal is to continually wow our customers by delivering solutions that far exceed the expected. We have attracted and retained some of the sharpest and most talented staff that is motivated by our unique approach, and they are genuinely and continually rewarded by the thanks we get from our customers.

Quick Facts

Founded: 1990

Ownership: John Heaton, President and CEO

Customers: 10,000 businesses; 600,000 employees

Service Areas: United States; Canada

Headquarters: Kennewick, Washington


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