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Insight e-Tools is an online reporting solution that automatically populates and consolidates your payroll and HR information, regardless of source, into a single reportable database. Data is transformed as needed, reports are produced based on the most up-to-date information, and information delivered online to the appropriate people and vendor systems using role-based security methods.

Insight e-Tools will help you find a solution for your payroll and human resource data needs.
Our Products

Total Compensation Statements

Total Compensation Statements help companies clearly communicate to their employees the total cost and value of their compensation package. By letting each employee know how much the company invests in earnings, employer contribution, taxes, and benefits, employees get a better picture of their true worth to the company. However, gathering total compensation information is time-consuming, and the task of managing numerous spreadsheets that combine payroll data with other employer costs is daunting to say the least!

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Vendor Reporting

Companies who provide employee retirement plans or great benefits to their employees spend countless hours manually preparing reports. These reports must follow special rules and formatting required by the Third Party Administrator (TPA) or vendor, be checked repeatedly for data, and be submitted in a timely manner. Insight e-Tools has the solution. Automate the tedious and focus on the exceptions!

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Here are a few key solutions we would like to showcase!

California PERS Vanguard

ACA Compliance

The Insight e-Tools team is also behind the stand alone product RiskRT®. RiskRT® uses payroll data to simply and accurately account for which employees will be (or could be) eligible for benefits under ACA. At a glance, you’ll be able to uncover the real truth using your own actual payroll and hours, eliminating the guess work and giving you peace of mind!

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Organizations that have grown through mergers and acquisitions, are operating in the U.S. and Canada, and/or have separate installations of ADP have difficulty creating and maintaining company-wide payroll reports. Usually, intensive manual efforts are required to bring all the data into a consistent format for reporting purposes. Not only is the process of consolidating the data very time consuming, it is unfortunately quite error-prone.

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Fractional CFO Tools

Fractional CFOs have their work cut out from them. Not only are multiple employers counting on them to get their job done accurately and on time, but they have to access each system independently. Using Insight e-Tools, Fractional CFOs can now have access to all of their clients data in one single source, and access to relevant reports and export solutions found to streamline their offerings.

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We believe the best way to get information is directly from the source in a standardized way. We have developed relationships and technologies that let us gather structured and accurate data through secure methods including SFTP and API.

Vendor Relationships & Connections

Direct Feeds including: ADP
API support including: Paylocity, Ceridian, and UKG
Formal report export routines including: Paycom