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Generate Accurate California PERS Reports with Ease.

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Companies who provide public employee retirement plans (CPE and 457 plans) to their California employees spend countless hours manually preparing reports.

There are many rules and limits to comply with including but not limited to ensuring only pers-able earning codes and hours are counted, correctly reporting special compensation, and ensuring that everything adds up.  

You are in the position to not only accurately and timely report data to myCalPERS, but you also need to be sure payroll calculations are correct and catch errors before they become costly mistakes that require retroactive adjustments and payroll checks to fix.

Often the easiest way is to simply copy your last report, and make the multitude of manual adjustments needed to create a hopefully accurate and up to date report…  Time to break out the spreadsheets!

Well, until now…

Now retirement plan reporting is easy with the Insight e-Tools Vendor Reporting for CalPERS solution.  Municipalities around California have teamed up with Insight who provides “middle-wear” to streamline the process and assist in verifying accuracy.

Each pay period, Insight e-Tools automatically imports the necessary data from your company’s payroll system. The data scrubbing tool reconciles the actual payroll data with the report rules and the supplemental data needed to make sure the file submitted to your MyCalPERS is clean and accurate. You tell us how you believe payroll should be treated in regarding to PERS, and we’ll let you know if things are not adding up.

The end result is an error-free AND accurate retirement report you can submit to myCalPERS that is prepared in minutes instead of hours.

Our team is well versed in PERS concepts, language, and the myCalPERS system.  We are happy to talk through any items you may be hitting with your current solutions.  We have built strong valued relationships with municipalities over the last 12 years.   Come join the group and benefit from the collective knowledge and success!

"We are extremely pleased with our decision to purchase the Insight e-Tools CalPERS solution.

The product is very user friendly and accurate; the staff provides great customer support, and all at a very reasonable price!.”