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Generate Accurate Vanguard Payroll Reports with Ease.

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Companies who provide Vanguard retirement plans to their employees spend countless hours manually preparing reports.

You must juggle which deductions and employer costs are assigned to specific contribution codes and plans and consider the unique situations that apply to union employees.  And the situation gets even more complex as you have more divisions to keep in the air long enough to prepare a transmittal file that meets Vanguards specifications.

How long do you currently wait to receive this data so that you can begin your daunting task?  How often do you find yourself regretting an error.

We have a simple solution that empowers you!

Now retirement plan reporting is easy with the Insight e-Tools Vendor Reporting for Vanguard.  

Each pay period, Insight e-Tools automatically imports the necessary data from your company’s payroll system. The data scrubbing tool reconciles the actual payroll data with the report rules and the supplemental data needed to make sure the file submitted to your vendor and accurate, while consolidating data across divisions.

The result is an error-free AND accurate report you can submit to Vanguard that is prepared in minutes instead of hours.  

How long does this process currently take you or your team, and how often are errors caught weeks or months after the occurrence?  Call us and see how we can help!