We offer customized statements that are all encompassing and extend beyond our multiple built-in payroll integrations. Our Total Compensation Statements showcase the extra benefits provided by employees in an easy to understand statement for your employees.

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Your team has not only spent days and months preparing the best benefit and perks package available, but you’re also tasked with presenting and educating your employees about these great aspects all while trying to to attract and retain talent.

Manually gathering data is not only a timely and tedious chore but is also error prone.  You may even have groups of employees with unique benefit situations that each require their own customized versions of the statement. Offering different benefit packages for full time employees vs. part time employees, salary vs. hourly, vested or equity options for some employees are just a few of the elements that can quickly complicate creating statements.

Stop dreading the process and team up with Insight e-Tools where we have the solutions to meet your company specific needs. With our Total Compensation Statements we can automate much of the information gathering process with our payroll direct feeds so that you can provide a quality statement that makes a real impact and evolves with your workforces’ unique needs.

Put the TOTAL back into your compensation statements with Insight e-Tools.

Make the most of your compensation statement

Retain your talent and connect with your workforce
Show forecasting and growth opportunities
Highlight award and company achievements
Enhance performance reviews
Make an impact with Total Compensation Statements

A compensation statement's power is the ability to showcase additional benefits to your employees including… 

  • Company car, mileage reimbursement 
  • Free or discounted parking
  • Movie tickets
  • Retirement contributions, matching & 401K benefits
  • Medical, Dental, Vision benefits
  • Discounted benefit rates for dependents and spouse
  • Paid holiday and leave
  • Paid time off
  • Continuing Education & training opportunities
  • Company parties or meals
  • Employee discounts
  • Work from home support
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Child Care Center or assistance
  • Equity Valuation
  • Fitness memberships or discounts
  • Life insurance
  • Long & Short term disability insurance
  • Gift cards
  • Great Work Life Balance
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Company phone or internet reimbursement

Design Gallery

Elements of a great compensation statement

Forecasting & Goals

When used as part of performance review, showcasing employee specific goals and forecasted compensation as a reward is a great way to drive home that you have a company growth plan and that they are an important part of it.

A Total Compensation Statement focusing on the forecasting and goals section
A Total Compensation Statement focusing on the equity section.


Ownership IS compensation. Take this time to educate your employees on how this benefit works as well as how well that ownership is doing as a result of their hard work.

Employer Costs

There are many aspects of working for your company that increase the experience, benefits, and wellbeing of your employees. Many of these items may have hidden employer costs associated with them. Take this time to highlight how much your company spends for those items that you've gone the extra mile to provide.

a pie chart showing employer cost on a total compensation statement
A Total Compensation Statement focusing on the benefits and retirement narrative section.

Benefits & Retirement Narrative

Your company has likely spent tons of money and time developing great benefit and retirement packages. Educate your employees about those benefit details and recent changes. Perhaps they will find that they are missing out.

Perks & Additional Benefits

Perks that you offer, many of which may not be available anywhere, IS compensation, Discounted goods, free parking, holiday events, the list goes on. These offerings cost your company time and money to offer. Bring a spotlight to these things that set you apart from the rest.

A Total Compensation Statement focusing on the perks and additional benefits section.
A sheet of paper on a desk showing a message from an employer on the back of a total compensation statement.

Welcome Message

These statements are a great way to provide a personalized message from your team, discussing the goal of the statement as well as introducing key contacts on your team that are available for questions. Take time to talk about last year's trials and successes!

What sets us apart

Customize your message on your Total Compensation Statement

Your message

This is a customized message from you to your valued employees, not a message from your payroll vendor or third party.

Customize your  Total Compensation Statement

Dynamic capabilities

The design can adapt based on parameters such as full time and tenureship.

Our system easily connects to your vendor

Direct Integrations

Streamline data gathering with our vendor connections.
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data connecting

All in one

Span across divisions, regions and countries. Bring data from multiple locations into one statement.

different languages being spoken around the globe.


Statements are available in multiple languages.

information that can be added to a Total Compensation Statement

Beyond Payroll

Total Compensation doesn't always exist in a payroll system. We provide a streamlined method to submit additional compensation that goes beyond payroll.


We believe the best way to get information is directly from the source in a standardized way. We have developed relationships and technologies that let us gather structured and accurate data through secure methods including SFTP and API. When an integration exists with payroll vendors, much of the hard work of data gathering is done, all that is left is for you to decide where to put it.

Vendor Relationships & Connections

Direct Feeds including: ADP
API support including: Paylocity, UKG, Ceridian
Formal report export routines including: Paycom

What clients say about us

By far, Insight e-Tools is my favorite vendor. We have worked with them for the past 5 years. They even supported our change when moving payroll vendors recently. We needed the ability to produce professional (and accurate) total compensation statements. Insight e-Tools is the answer. They do most of the work, and they allow you to make the customization to fit your organization. Their system is super easy for viewing sample statements. Creating total compensation statements might seem like an overwhelming process – but not with Insight e-Tools. I wouldn’t go with anyone else.
Flo D.
Starkweather & Shepley
 "We needed a system that was easy to use and reasonably priced. Insight e-Tools’ online process is seamless and their customer service is the best I’ve had from any vendor!! I love that I can call ADP and order the file we need, and Insight takes it from there. In a very short time I have a beautiful and accurate product to deliver to all of our employees. Insight e-Tools does all the work! My advice to others is “don’t hesitate in working with Insight e-Tools. You won’t be sorry”.
Cindy C., PHR
AVP, HR Generalist
Kitsap Bank
Previously, having to spend lots of our time to prepare meaningful statements for our employees, we have been very satisfied with how easy the Insight e-Tools solution is to use and their staff is to work with. We especially like being able to easily add custom line items and the overall format of the statements. The ability to proof the statements before the final product is printed is an added value of this solution and the finished product looks very nice!
Jackie J.
Human Resources Specialist
Ideal Credit Union
We didn’t have a manageable way to provide total compensation statements internally, but knew we wanted statements that could be customized to our specifications. As the result of purchasing Insight e-Tools, our customized statements look very professional and allow us to provide valuable information to our employees about the big picture (benefits) costs that are part of their compensation package.
Lee. E. W.
Human Resource Manager
The ELM Group, Inc.

Pricing Overview

Template 1

Template 2

Starting Price
Per Statement Produced
Digital - Single PDF and Zip File
Benefit Narrative
Perks & Benefits
Custom images and/or elements
Company logos, images, colors and fonts
Layout adjustments beyond existing designs
Custom Design Requests
General layout changes included.
Additional costs may apply for custom designs.
Equity and or Forcasting

Delivery Add-ons

A Total Compensation Statement in an envelope

Direct mail

Let us do the tedious task of printing, stuffing, and mailing directly to each employees home address.

$3.85 per statement (USA)
$4.56 per statement (Canada)
A hand holding a Total Compensation Statement


Add a generic page into your direct mail package.

$1.10 per page
a person delivering a total compensation statement

Company Package

Print and deliver to a single employer address.

$1.95 per statement

How it works

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What is a compensation statement?

Total Compensation Statements help companies clearly communicate to their employees the total cost and value of their compensation package, while at the same time communicate how working for your company is a unique opportunity.

The statement highlights to each employee how much the company invests in earnings, employer contribution, taxes, retirement and other benefits.

The statement emphasizes to the employee that their total benefit working for you is not simply what they see on their check.

Employees are one of your most valuable assets, you've designed a robust compensation package that is designed to attract and retain. Help your employees understand and visualize everything you do with a Total Compensation Statement.

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