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Reporting Requirements

Running a successful company is likely something you can not do entirely on your own. You need help with things such as benefits and retirement to attract and retain talent or you may need to comply with mandatory reporting requirements all of which requires data movement.

Each vendor has its own unique reporting requirements, abstract data fields, and business rules that may not naturally fit within your payroll system, and attempting to use it would be like using a hammer on a screw, your destined to get bruised eventually.

Attempting to comply with these complex reporting requirements on your own can consume countless hours you don't have, create frustrating and embarrassing errors you want to prevent, and cost development time & money that would be better used somewhere else.

Is there a solution?

This is where we like to jump in to help you save the day! We excel at appending vendor data and rules to payroll data and enjoy diving into complex reporting requirements to build a vendor specific solution to help employers.

We have found that although each are absolutely unique, there are generally a common list of factors that lead to success:

  • Automate payroll data imports
  • Deep understanding of vendor terminology and concepts
  • Consolidation of employee records into a single participant
  • Add vendor data to payroll and employee records
  • Append vendor business rules and conditions
  • Provide transparency and drill-down capability to situations that require your attention
  • Remove the need for IT involvement for ongoing maintenance as your company evolves
  • Prepare transmittal files in the vendor's unique formats
  • Automate the data movement to the vendor

Now vendor reporting is easy with the Insight e-Tools vendor reporting solutions. Each pay period, Insight e-Tools automatically imports the necessary data from your company’s payroll system. The data scrubbing tool reconciles the actual payroll data with the report rules and the supplemental data needed to make sure the file submitted to your vendor is clean and accurate.

The end result is an error-free and headache-free feed to your vendor that is prepared in minutes instead of hours.

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Vendor Solution showcase!

Here are a few vendor modules we would like to spotlight that best showcase the power and versatility of our solutions!

We also have solutions ready for these products and more:

  • HSABank
  • PenGold
  • Allstate Identity Protection

Do you have a vendor feed that you dream could be on-time, painless and without error? Please reach out to explore availability.

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